Saturday, September 19, 2009

S Eleven officially opened !

To all my blog follower, I must say "Sorry" , I know it has been long overdue for updates. For the past few months we have been busy with the setting up of our new store in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Yes ! S Eleven is officially opened on the 28th May 2009. Thank you to all family members, relatives and friends, thanks for all the uncountable support and blessing. Thanks to sis Audrey for sponsoring the workstation.

A friend of us , Chin has helped to designed my signboard and flyer. We have decided to have this "Petronas" green as our corporate color. As festive season is just near the corner, we have moved all cake mould and biscuit cutter to the offer bin.

Yong Shuan helps to put label on most of the item, passing to daddy to stack them up on the rack.

He even plays hide and seek with cousin Yun Hao when sis in law visits our store.

* * * More updates to come * * *