Sunday, October 11, 2009

Belated Birthday Post

Last July, we celebrated YS's second birthday at Restaurant Kao Lee, Ipoh Garden. We bought him a chocolate strawberry cake. We had Hong Kong Dim Sum for breakfast before we headed north to resume business after our usual Wednesday break. Grandparents Lee and grandparents Tan joined the session.

More of Yong Shuan at S11

Just some photo updates of YS at S Eleven - our household plasticware shop. These days, we have a lot of uninvited guest in the shop - houseflies. Whenever you bring food to the storefront, they will keep following your food where ever you go. We have been practicing to cover the food with the dish cover. We found this one day, when YS covered his own drink with the smallest colander in the store.

Since YS is staying with us in Sungai Petani,
we have bring his "left behind only pet" - 大宏 the tortoise along.
Everytime we feed 大宏, YS will say "大宏, 你 mum mum la!"

Lately, we found 大宏 is not quite happy since his/her partner left him. He hardly eat the snack we fed. We used to have two, one died of some infection on the eyes. And some silly
aquarium owner mentioned that the small animal was bitten by mosquito. I tried to search from the internet, it's said most probably caused by the water.