Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fresh from Siew's Camera

Godsis brought me some durian yesterday. As a Malaysian, I am very proud we produces really good kampung durian. I am not a fans of durian, however I must say yesterday treat was good. The moisture, tenderness and smell of this kampung durian is all grade one.
Thanks Sis.

She also brought some "莲子". This is my all time favorite, I never miss them if it is available at pasar malam.

And she took these photos for me.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheng Shuan look alike his brother?

The moment Godsis posted Cheng Shuan's photo at Faceboook, this is
the comment I got from friends and relatives , "Oh, look just like his brother, Yong Shuan."

I still need sometime to dig my CD for Yong Shuan's photo when he was this age.

Personally, I agreed with their saying.

What do you think?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pictures of Yong Shuan

To me, this is the best picture of the year for Yong Shuan.

Thanks to Godsis - Kuan Siew.

~ * ~ * ~

Since I am still in my confinement, I stayed home and Shaowen brought Yong Shuan to attend SL's picnic party last weekend. YS enjoyed the party very much, he came home and told me, :

"Mummy, SL Gor Gor cake is a basketball."

"Mummy, I played kite."

"Mummy, just now in PoloGround, GorGor JieJie played with me"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2nd baby is HERE

After 40weeks and 2 days, my 2nd son is here with us.
Thanks to all who dropped by at the hospital as well as "virtually" sms or Facebook.

Photo credited to God Sis - Kuan Siew. She is good in capturing the "MOMENT" for us.
We'll soon need her help again in the family photo with 4 of us.

Baby is slightly heavier than Yong Shuan, 3.06KG.
And his name is Lee Cheng Shuan - 李承轩。

More photos to come...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting ready to Kindergarten

We thought it is good if we send YS to kinder while I am having my confinement in Ipoh. We need to teach YS to say wee or poo in english so that he can communicates with the teacher.

ME : YS, how to say "我要小便" in english?
YS : Teacher, I want to wee.

ME : Good

ME : YS, how to say "我要大便" in english?
YS : Teacher, I want to poo.

ME : Good

ME : YS, if you see teacher in the morning, how are you going to greet her?
YS : Teacher, I want to Good Morning.

ME : @_@|||