Monday, June 30, 2008

Home Cooking 5

These photos have been a while sitting in my HOME COOKING folder, finally I found time to share them here.

From Top Right : Pisang Goreng, Foo Yu Fried Chicken, Honey Soy Chicken, Pumpkin with Snow Peas

Unconditional Love

We went to shopping town last weekend and this store named RIOT was having this face painting campaign. In stead of the face, we asked the girl to paint on Yong Shuan's hand.

" Unconditional Love " - from daddy and mummy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Swimming Time Again

After we came back to Melbourne, the weather and some cough and cold have limit us to bring Yong Shuan to swim in the public pool. Last Sunday we managed to find time for this long waited family activity. Luckily he still can fit into his swim suit. Otherwise we got to change the plan to another weekend. Unfortunately, I was still having my cough and did not enjoy the water time with Yong Shuan. But I was happy in charged of snapping photos and changed him after he finished the swim.

After the 30min exercise, he fall sleep in the car seat on our way home and sleep soundly at night too.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We missed the mini train ride

We wanted to bring Yong Shuan to ride the mini train near our house. We parked the car only then we realized it was not for the public last weekend. Someone has booked the ride for some private function. Yong Shuan was happy to see others enjoyed their ride. We have marked the date for the coming public ride day and will definitely bring Yong Shuan to experience the mini train.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Yong Shuan's first Piggy Bank & Toothbrush

Finally, after 11 months, we opened a saving account in Australia for Yong Shuan. We went to this bank where they have this very cute looking piggy bank. We deposited all the Ang Pao uncles and aunties gave during his full moon and Chinese New Year celebration.

Can anyone guess the way to open this piggy bank? (hint: pink color)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I went to chemist to get some medicines for hubby and found this toothbrush eye catching when I went down the baby aisle. It is specially designed to train baby to feel and get ready for the real toothbrush with toothpaste. Yong Shuan enjoyed very much on his first experience on toothbrush.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

YS in the Park

We brought Yong Shuan to the park today to let him try on the ride and the swing. I believe when he knows how to walk, it will be more fun chasing after him.

Home Cooking 5

As okra is selling so expensive in Melbourne market, I hardly cook any okra dishes. (A$ 11.99/KG) I personally loved okra so much, but when it comes to $$, I would hold on to it and wait until I go back to Malaysia for okra dishes. I still remember the "Four Heavenly King" dish - 四大天王, a.k.a Stir Fried Sambal with Okra, Pedai, winged bean and long bean, which is so popular among the restaurants in Malaysia.

Finally, I bought some okra last week, around 20pcs costed me A$1.30 just for my Assam Fish Curry.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Cousin YS handed me this recipe quite sometimes ago, finally I found time to try it out myself in Melbourne. It is one of the traditional dishes we used to cook during festive season especially the Reunion Chinese New Year Dinner. This dish used to be in charged by Grandma, has lately transfered to Uncle CM. Chinese call it "Lou" means cook with the herbs. I cook chicken feet, pork belly and egg this time. The traditional one that uncle cooks usually is using chicken and duck.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

YS's birthday is just near the corner. I have been practicing to make some cupcakes when I stay at home during the weekdays. Hopefully more practice will lead to a better taste of cupcake when the time comes. We still have not decided if we are going to hold a party for our boy however we definitely will prepare him a birthday cake and snap photos.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rusk Biscuit ? Samurai Sword ?

This is the first time I captured Yong Shuan fierce looking expression. He was grumpy when I disturbed him halfway while he was enjoying his rusk biscuit.

"Sorry, my dear!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yong Shuan's New Toy

We got this 2 in 1 toy for Yong Shuan sometime last month. I knew about this toy from Toy's R Us catalog, it was on special for A$29.90. After a few catalog surfing in the internet, eventually we got ours from KMart at a cheaper price.

Yong Shuan is still not able to ride on this toy by himself, but he enjoy the ride when we give a little help pushing him around the hall. We observe when he is alone with the toy, he will try to explore all the gadgets in this toy especially those that can make sound.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Home Cooking 4

Last Sunday was the DuanWu Festival in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. We used to celebrate this day with rice dumpling. Since we are away from home, we missed Malaysia rice dumpling so much especially the Nyonya taste one. I've cooked the symbolic glutinous rice for our dinner on that day to celebrate this festival.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Hooray ! Last Monday was the Queen's Birthday, Public Holiday for all Melbourne resident.
The supermarket had a few items on special just for this long weekend. And one of them is the lamb cutlet, I bought a pack and cook lamb at home for the first time since I came to Melbourne.

I made them into herb with garlic and the other with black pepper. Side dishes was the butter mushrooms and the mashed potatoes.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Home Cooking 3

More home cooking from the home cooking series ....

From top to down : (1) Stir fried snake bean with XO sauce; (2) Salmon Fish; (3) Black Prompet with Salted Vege; (4) Spare Rib with Sour Plum Sauce (5) Golden Winglets

Day Care with Mummy....

Every Wednesday and Friday I will stay home and spend wonderful time with Yong Shuan. Most of these times, I will play with my camera and learn to snap as many nice photos as I can. These are few of my top pick ones.

Picasa Web Albums

Lately, I realized I can use Picasa Web Albums which is also another Google's site for my photo. I am tired to update a few different places every time I have new photos. Thinking to just centralize them. I tried Flickr which only allocates to non-paying user 200 photos, Multiply which also restricts the upload by month. I am still finding time to move all of them to one place. Perhaps Picasa is a good one. I welcome all suggestions, anyone, please share their experience, I wish to know more.

More Photos of Yong Shuan at 10th month

When I put YS on this Ikea's stool, he will just sit there and awhile after that he start calling for help. Mmmm.... I need to teach him how to get down from this stool.

Took this picture when we had dinner with YY and Sam.
"Mummy, see, my sweater and uncle's both the small color!"

"ME" time with my rattle toy.