Monday, February 22, 2010

The wanted UWA Lens

Right before the Chinese New Year break, SW bought his first 50mm 1.8 prime lens from Penang. I am not good at photo shooting and camera spec but have been reading a lot from this group invited by Godsis - Shutterbug for Fun in Facebook.

Once the camera shop owner fix the lens up, WOW.. marvelous. We cannot wait to shoot more still life object and portrait. Since we wish to know at least how far are we from our desired UWA lens and the add-on flash light kit, we have asked about the Nikkor one as well as the the 3rd parties'. This kind uncle the shop owner allow us to have a try on the UWA. It was so tempting to own one when we see the result of the shooting. However, RM3k is like WOW.....!

The left is the normal lens we got when we first bought the Nikon D40X and the right is the UWA 10-24mm. Arrrggghhh ! We got to work harder and save more.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just Photos

We went to Gurney Penang for Daddy's New Year Shirt, these are the photos taken during lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. Yong Shuan loves the Baked Dory Fish with Herbs.

Thanks to Daddy's ex-colleague, she shared her HD's coupons. Yong Shuan enjoyed the HD's limited edition - Chocolate Orange Ice Cream very much and of course daddy never miss Green Tea is another flavor we tried on.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

We went lunch with mum couple weeks ago at this new De Garden near JJ Ipoh. If you are a fans of FookChew Dishes - 红昭鸡(译音), then there is this place called TOS that served this in their menu. Sorry no pictures on the food, we were too hungry.

By the way, Godsis Siew took some nice landscape photos at her flickr. Click and have a look.

Penang Butterfly Farm & Hard Rock

Finally, I managed to find time to clean up my HDD. I found these photos in the folder waiting to be uploaded to the blog. My daily responsible at S Eleven is more routine now, hopefully this continue on so that I have time for my photos and the blog.

We went to Penang Butterfly Farm last Nov. Wednesday is rest day for S Eleven. If we never make a trip back to Ipoh, we mostly spend time at Penang or Butterworth for dining & quality family time.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Thanks to Godsis - Siew's effort in making a wonderful birthday vacation comes true. She has gathered my childhood friend and we went to Hard Rock to enjoy a sunny weekend in Penang.
Yes, this is the first hotel staying trip since Siem Reap last Feb. We enjoyed the pool, the slide and the room very much.