Saturday, June 30, 2007

External Cephalic Version

I learn this new terms today from my O&G. Since 30th week, midwife told me my baby is lying at "cross" position. I asked her "what should we do, aren't baby suppose to be in head-down position?" , "Dont you worry, baby change position from time to time." Then, comes to 34th week, 36th week, doctor see baby still in the breech position, he recommend I need to go for this external cephalic version which mean doctor try to turn the baby for me at 37th week extrenally.

Doctor can only do this at the 37th week, because baby is mature enough to be born if anything happen such like contrations, membrane ruptured, baby feel distressed.. So, I made appointment to do the external cephalic version at Monday 1.30pm. Daddy keep talking to baby ever since week 30th, "baby, your head suppose to go down there not here .. come on swim la!" This is an option before any mummy straight make their mind to go for c-section. If baby still somehow find it more comfortable to stay at his current position, then only we book in for c-section.

Before the doctor recommend the external cephalic version, he had a ultrasound scan for me to see the location of the placenta, it is important that the placenta is not blocking at the cervix. This is the third time I see baby from the ultrasound monitor, this round husband ask the doctor to show me on the genital organ. :) I missed the previous session at 20th week's scan because the sonographer move too fast.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sick when you are pregnant

Fall sick during pregnant is horrible, I catch a cold and sorethroat these two days. One morning, I wake up with very very dry mouth, and sorethroat. We did not turn on the heater, just blanket and long pants at night. Knowing I can not take any medicine, the muscleache kick in, I eat two panadol before I go to bed that day.

The next morning, I wake up with even worse sorethroat, and white mucus is coming out from the nose every now and then. I guess most of you know how it feel when you catch a cold, heavy head.. muscle ache....

Husband brought me to see doctor that evening, is out first visit to this doctor recommended by friends. She is good and patient. She diagnose and tell me is viral infections not from the lungs. I am less worry on that. Just that I need rest and alot of fluid to let the body recover by itself. So steam inhalation is recommended by her to heal the blocked nose, and by using a pinch of salt into warm water plus one soluble aspirin, I can gargle this mixture to make my sorethroat feel relieve. She did write a presciption for me to get myself one antibiotic incase my mucus turn green and the eardrum pain worsen, which I hope it will not happen.

Hei, I learn something new today. To those reading this, may be is some good tips for you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The touch of Mummy & Daddy

有宝宝在肚子里蠕动的感觉只有妈妈可以感受到, 多美妙!无论我如何形容给宝宝的爸爸也无法让他感觉到3D。 可能是宝宝一个小小的瘙痒, 妈妈也可以从皮肤感觉到。 爸爸就只能感觉宝宝的踢动。 多秒! 这张相片告诉 baby 爸爸也有摸摸他。 :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mummy at 36th Week

Another week closer to my expected due date, is 36th week now.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shen Liang 19 Jun 2007

Grabbed from Kuan Siew's Blog, let me share her baby's Shen Liang with you.

For those who is interested to know more about Shen Liang's journey to the world, do visit to .....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Congratulation to Kuan Siew & Kok Heng

Congratulations to Kuan Siew & Kok Heng with their new born baby boy. God bless both of you and that precious little gift He's given you.

谊姐告诉我, 她会在星期二早上入院生产。 马来西亚时间傍晚就收到妹妹的短讯说谊姐顺利生了可爱的男宝宝 。恭喜恭喜!

还有大概四个星期就轮到我了。到时就可以把宝宝的相片刊在这里和大家分享。 宝宝现在每天都四面八方挤妈妈的肚子。有时肚皮会有一点走样,感觉怪怪的。

在澳洲不像在自己的地方,大概不会有很多亲人到家里或产房看妈妈和宝宝。 所以这个网站正好可以让在马来西亚其他的朋友和亲人可以看看宝宝。 大家期待期待吧!

以前在怡保吃过了很多朋友孩子满月的红鸡蛋。马来西亚有很多风俗是很有趣的。最传统的通常会是黄姜饭和咖喱鸡再加上红鸡蛋和 "Ang Gu" 粮惹糕。后期就演变成 Ayamas 弥月盒, 再后来就变成就只有一张 KFC 肯德其家乡鸡的固本。 还记得以前叔叔的孩子弥月, 我还有印象帮忙包装黄姜饭, 现在样样都现成的, 多方便。 听说 "Ang Gu" 粮惹糕的款式可以告诉你对方是生男生还是女生呢。 :) 当然如果这种风俗可以持续下去就很好, 如果你们任何人有不同的经验不妨在这里和大家分享。

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mummy at 35th week


After so long, at last hubby takes photo of me pregnant at 35th week. :) Iam shy to show to friends photo taken from Australia, in Melbourne I hardly make up. After few advices from friends and family, I have cut my hair. With the two photos, I will show to baby when he grow up to tell him that's when he is in mummy's tummy at 35th week.

终于, 我怀孕的相片可以和大家分享了。 以后可以和孩子一起看相片, 告诉他那是他在妈妈肚子里第35个星期时的特写。 Mmm.. 他当时到底是在做什么呢? :)