Monday, May 31, 2010

YS's bed time story

I enjoyed reading bed time story to YS before he sleep. Usually he will picks the story book from the cupboard himself and we read for him. After many rounds of the same story, hubby and myself have know exactly what to tell even without reading at it.

Last weekend, we travelled to KL for some errands. Since I did not bring any books with me this trip, I asked if YS still like to have a story before he sleep, he answered "Yes Mummy", sis Audrey present at the time of this bed time story. YS said he would like to listen to the title "Prince and His Missing Tooth". This is the n-th time my son listen to this story. He used to be quiet and patient all these while.

The story begin...

ME : There is this Prince Charming, he woke up one day and found his tooth missing, so he asked around for his tooth, he asked to the Giant Tree, " Did you see my tooth? " and the tree said , " Oh, I lost my leaf too, can you please help to find it? then I shall tell you where is your tooth." , then he walk to the Swan , " Did you see giant tree's missing leaf? ", " Oh I lost one of my feathers too, can you please help to find it? then I shall tell you where is the giant tree's leaf gone." answered the Swan.

... the story continue and prince asked to Cricket and so...

Suddenly !!

YS : Mummy, why? How come the Giant Tree, Swan and Cricket speak in the story ?

ME : @_@|||

ME : Yes, in fairy tale story, creatures, trees and plants speak to human being !


我 :有一天,小王子睡醒发现自己的门牙不见了。他就到处去找门牙。来到大树前, 他问大树,你有看见我的门牙吗? 大树就说,哦, 我的叶子也掉落不见了,你帮我找回来我告诉你门牙在那里。

接着, 故事一直延伸到小王子问了天鹅,蝉, 葫芦棚架等等。

这是,永轩突然问我, “ 妈咪为什么大树,天鹅,蝉, 葫芦棚, 它们会讲话的呢? ”

@_@||| 这么一问,我被吓到,不懂如何回答他。 就只好说,这是故事,故事里的大树,天鹅,蝉是会讲话的。

天啊 ! 谁可以帮帮忙,我要应如何应对以后可能他再问一些我不懂回答的问题。

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dialog with Yong Shuan

I enjoyed chatting with my going-to-be 3 years old. He surprised me most of the time with the vocabulary he used. We practice speaking in Mandarin most of the time, occasionally Cantonese.

Incident No. 1:
ME : 弟弟将要出世了,我会和永轩回怡保小住。
YS : NO, 妈咪。你和爸爸看店,你丢下我和阿嘛和 Ginger (our beloved toy poodle) , 阿公. 我们就这样"决定"啦.

Mmmm. I wonder where did he learn the word 决定 ?

Incident No. 2:
ME : 妈咪需要去一趟看牙医, 你和阿嘛在家等妈咪, 好不好?
YS : 不可以, 妈咪。我和你一起去. 我也要看牙医.
ME : 但是你不能够进去房间里面等妈咪.
YS : 我要进去, 我 promise 我不会乱乱碰牙医的东西.
ME : @_@|||

Incident No. 3:
YS : 妈咪, 我要去学校.
ME : 好啊. 那你要学会自己穿鞋. 不需要妈咪帮的.
YS : 我自己穿会很慢嘛. 妈咪帮我会比较快.
ME : 那你去学校谁帮呢?
YS : 叫老师帮咯.
ME : @_@|||

Incident No. 4:
YS : 妈咪, 我要去学校.
ME : 好啊. 妈咪在附近找学校给你报名.
YS : 不要. 不要附近的. 要远远的.
ME : 为什么?
YS : 可以坐巴士去.
ME : @_@|||

More to come....