Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yummy Pork Ginger in Vinegar Sauce

On the 12th day, mum cooked this yummy Pork Ginger in Vinegar Sauce.


When Yong Shuan Web Chat with Grandpa

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gifts from Singapore

Yong Shuan : "Thanks, Aunt Shin Ling."

On the 12th Day

Today I discovered this from YS, he can hold his own bottle. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Feeling of Motherhood

I do not know how to put into words to describe the feeling of Love, Blessed and Touched :


1 - When nurse send me back to my ward after my Caeserian , I heard my mummy talk to Yong Shuan (YS) :" Baby, your mummy is here."

当我第一次听到妈妈对永轩说:“永轩,不要哭了! 你妈咪回来了!” 从来只有我叫妈妈“妈咪”, 第一次听到妈妈叫我是 “妈咪”,打从心底感动出来。 真的不懂怎么样形容。

For so many years we have been calling my mum, mummy. It is first time I heard from my mummy I am now mummy to YS. Very touched.

2 - When I see the "bonding" between Shao Wen and Yong Shuan, especially when Shao Wen came back from work, he wish to see YS open his eye and look at daddy. If YS were sleeping he will wait until YS wake up just to have an eye contact with him.

再来就是看见绍闻和永轩的互动, 绍闻放工回到家里, 很期待永轩可以醒着看见他。 如果永轩睡着了, 当一醒来看见绍闻时,我会听到:“嘿, 你现在才醒来看爸爸啊!?” 绍闻很开心。

3 - When Shao Wen feed YS. The way he hold YS, talk to YS, nurse YS to sleep and so on. Previously when we cuddle with other's baby, Shao Wen never show he know how to carry a newborn baby. Just see how confident he carry YS and YS is comfortable when daddy feed him.

平时我们身边的朋友有小孩时, 绍闻很少会抱刚刚出生的婴儿, 或许应该说我较少看见。 可是当他抱着永轩时,很自然很自在, 永轩也很舒服。相信爸爸妈妈, 公公婆婆, 姐姐妹妹们也是第一次看见绍闻这一面吧!

永轩:“爸爸, 我很喜欢你抱我喂我,很舒服!”

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mandarin for "Blog"

Blog 应该叫博客。 不好意思我一直以来都叫“部落”, 还以为翻译就行, 实在羞。 这时我今早扭开电视机看见凤凰台的节目未段才发现的。

发现近来很多的名词尤其是用在资讯,网上的大多是译音翻译的。 很多时候教爸爸妈妈上网或用一些科技的器材, 他们会问那是什么来的? 我们只好说英文是这样叫的, 所以华语翻译了就怪了。 :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yong Shuan

是的, 一直都没有在这里告诉大家, 我的宝宝名字是 “李永轩”。 在填写报生纸时在考虑要 Xuan 汉语拼音还是 Shuan 呢? 最后我们决定要 Shuan. :)

Shao Wen noticed that we have not share our baby boy name here, yes - his name is Yong Shuan.


I read from friend's blog that they believe child who hiccup alot in mum tummy tends to develop their communication skill earlier. I have to observe that from Yong Shuan if it is true because he hiccup alot last time. Even now, most of the time after feed, he will have hiccup.

在网上的“部落”有读过在肚子里爱打嗝的小孩说话早,永轩在肚子里经常打嗝,他出世后也在每餐喂完奶就会打嗝。 他通常会喝奶剩下最后的一点点就不爱喝完它。 这些奶就在他打嗝时可以再给他。 现在为了不让永轩有坏习惯我在喂奶都和永轩讲不可以浪费食物。 他大部分都很听话把奶喝完。 永轩乖!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

First Video Upload

Today, I try to upload one video on YouTube and publish here. Baby is one day old at the time of recording as you can see the drip IV line is still on my wrist. Enjoy !

今天第一次尚试在 YouTube 播放永轩的短篇录影,希望可以给婆婆公公,爷爷奶奶看见他动时候的可爱。


Is so exciting to hear my baby first burp.. "burrrppp...." we can imagine is a big relieve for him.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Photos that Tell a Thousand Words

Grand Opening of Audrey's blog

Congratulation to Audrey, my beloved sister. She finally got a blog - .

和妹妹冠瑜分享了很多“部落”的种种, 终于她有了自己的“部落”。 很开心因为可能大家长大了没有什么时间通电话或聚在一起, 加上时差, “部落”变成我们互相关心对方的其中一种管道。

Friday, July 20, 2007

My baby boy first bath

shy... shy...

One Day Old

Journey from one stage of life to another

Even though I have gone through classes and hear from a lot of relatives and friends on the process of giving birth, still the feeling of "uncertainty" is there.

Waiting for the Midwife to show me to the OT.

即使是已经上课或在家人朋友身上知道了很多, 还是很紧张, 说不紧张是骗人的。 等了一段时间,有两位医生走过来。 一位还是医学生。 就是这位医学生帮我准备要打点滴的针管,手震地在一旁的绍闻也察觉, 真糟糕!我没有晕倒是难得的经验。

The most horrible thing - the needle !

At 11.33am, I can now proudly declare myself MUMMY. I give birth to a 2.72 kg boy. The nurse asked Shao Wen to cut his son's cord. Better not to expose my baby boy nudity picture on the web, we decided to keep that photo to ourselves.

Baby is here

Sunday, July 15, 2007

What daddy do at Sunday Evening ?

For those wonder what Shao Wen do on the Sunday evening before I go to hospital to give birth to our baby the next morning - he fixes the car seat on our car. Our child birth education mid wife told us that mother also need to learn on how to fix the car seat. In case daddy not around, mummy need to know how to transfer the seat and secure it firmly.

My very own Laksa

Since mum is here, I have been so long want to taste home made Laksa. Laksa that is available from restaurant is either too sweat, too sour or we would think twice of the fish and other ingredients such like balachan that used to make the laksa.

Finally, my very first time home made laksa is dream come true.

All the add-on vegetable is ready, the soup is ready, yummy !

在墨尔本不是找不到“辣沙”, 只不过就是怀念家里煮的味道。妈妈在我们这里, 就很自然叫妈妈煮“辣沙”。 我帮忙妈妈半个早上,最后我们可以享受美味的“辣沙”。 相比外面在卖的果然不同,有家的味道。 谢谢! 妈妈。

Strawberry Fantasy

Mum so excited when she first time see such a big size strawberry. We bought this for AUD4.99 in a small box. Mum counts and she shouted :" Hei, we got 13 inside. With one size roughly equal 3-4 from those we got from Cameron Highland, I think I had one is enough!"

妈妈在菜市场看见红红的草莓就很意外 :“啊哟!怎么会那么大粒?” 是的, 在这里我们去年也吃了那么大的草莓。 我们买了一盒回家,妈妈就迫不及待。 我拍下她拿着巨型草莓要给爸爸看, 就不如也放在这里。

看见草莓让我想起以前在怡保工作时, 要常常上金马仑工作。 会常常逛市场看有没有草莓。 买的时候小贩一定铁口说是甜的, 试吃也是甜的。 买回家就酸了。 而且是比较小粒没有我们在这里买的那么大。 很开心妈妈尝到这里大大的草莓。

This strawberries remind me when I was with Pfizer Ipoh, Cameron Highland is one of my sales area. Every trip when I service the doctors and pharmacy I will try to search around see if I could find strawberry for mum. Most of the time, the hawker will tells is guaranteed sweet, however when you brought that home to Ipoh, it has turned sour! May be weather is really the key to have sweat fruits, warm weather in Malaysia give you the pleassure to enjoy tropical fruits like banana, papaya and mango.. Oh. I missed papaya and mango.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lemon Tree

Shaowen's biggest gardening achievement in Melbourne - our Lemon tree. We plant this Lemon one year ago when we first came to Melbourne. So far we only got one lemon from this tree.
在墨尔本一年以来, 最有满足感的是我们后院的柠檬。 种了一年才长了一粒柠檬。 看到隔壁的邻居栽在地上的柠檬树就很开心, 满满的整棵树都是柠檬。 伯伯还很好心地给过我们好多的柠檬。 可惜伯伯要搬了, 到时可能新邻居不要柠檬, 我们就没有柠檬供应了。

Lets take a look at our neighbour, Mr Steve's Lemon tree, what a big contrast. We are renting this unit now, we can not plant anything on the ground, otherwise, with Shaowen's love and care, I believe we will have more lemons from our lemon tree.

Friday, July 13, 2007

For your own safety ?

This poster caught my attention when I visit one restaurant's washroom. For your own safety ?!? Not Hygiene? in Melbourne? I thought this type of English you will only find them in Asian Countries. However this is from a Chinese restaurant, may be this explained itself the existence of the poster.

We miss Ginger a lot!

This is Ginger, my lovely Toy Poodle. She is in Ipoh with my parents. We miss Ginger a lot. Since Audrey and myself stay away from home, she has become the only princess at my parents place. Dad cuddles with her every night after work. Friends been asking if I would allow her to breed with other male-mate. "No!" By experiencing pregnancy and going to parenthood myself now, I do not want Ginger to go through this stage at her age. She is so lovely.

photo taken during our March Trip back to Ipoh

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Little Marcus Birthday Dinner

Marcus is now 1 year old. We celebrate his first birthday last friday, 6th July in Gold Leaf Restaurant, Burwood Highway with friends, families and a mixed fruit cake. Yummy!~

Ivan哥哥第二位公子, 俊恺在上个礼拜五一岁了。 这一天同时也是我家公的阳历生日。"爸爸, 再一次祝你生日快乐!”

俊恺他是不是很可爱? 当晚的切蛋糕仪式还发生了一段小插曲呢, 当大家不注意时俊恺用他的小手在切蛋糕的长刀上捉了一把, 把大家吓了一跳。 在他自己没有危险意识下, 则被我们大人的叫声吓到哭了。 幸亏没有什么大碍。

That night also the first time I taste "duck tongue", weird looking, cold served on everyones' platter. Shao Wen is the only guy sitting with our crowd, most of the ladies includes mum passed the "duck toungue" to him. Easily I believe he had more than 6-7 "duck tougue".

那天晚上的冷拼盘是一道道的鸭料理, 有鸭舌头, 内脏,肠等等。绍闻是我们同桌的唯一男生,结果当晚他尝了好多的鸭舌头。 包括妈妈都把这些给他, 不浪费食物。 我本身也有尝了鸭舌头,小小一根,味道不错。酒家把它腌制了味道, 是不错的料理。

Shao Wen's New Camera

Nikon D40x, the Digital SLR camera is shaowen's latest toy. The camera has been in his wishlist for quite sometimes. With sis's help, we manage to own one from Singapore for a good price. Too bad that the camera still not with us yet. :( . Anyway, million thanks to sis.

Photo grabbed from website

Shaowen wanted to have this camera so that he could learn to snap photo like those in the Flickr website, especially when we are expecting to go into a new stage of life - parenthood.

绍闻想拥有这台相机好一段时间了, 终于在大姐的协助下从新加坡买了它。虽然相机还没到手, 可是已经很期待。

Flickr 的网站上经常看见世界各地的发烧友都很专业拍照, 很想有他们一半的水准就很满意了。

As we are beginner in SLR camera, anyone who knows all the Thing-to-be-note in SLR photo taking, do share your ideas in my comments. Thanks.

Meet Guy Sebastian in person

Guy Sebastian - Celebrity Photographer of the Year 2007

Australian idol is back. Remember years ago, the winner of Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian? He has been to Malaysia promote his first album. We meet him in person during our last visit to Photographic Trade Show at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

Winning Shots

Big difference between the two photos? I would think the short hair suit him more. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fog and Cold Weather

For the past two days, we have been driving to office earlier than our usual routine.

This morning, we leave the house around 7am. The lane heading to the main street of our residential area is heavily fogged. We cannot really see anything after 5 meters. Today is the most foggy morning I seen in the past one week. Too bad my camera was not with us in the car, otherwise I wish I could capture the scene and share it here.

这两天我们都比较早上班, 今天是这个礼拜里最多雾的早晨。 可惜我们的相机没有带在身边,不然我可以拍下当时最多雾的景象和大家分享。 当时第一个反应就是立即打电话给在家里的妈妈, 告诉她今天会很冷,一定要开热气炉。

回到公司上网看了天气报告, 吓了一跳怎么会只有3.6度这么低。我的天啊! 这是什么天气? 妈妈怎么能忍受到呢?

在妈妈到墨尔本后的一天,她突然告诉我, 再生下一胎就不好在冬天了。 哈哈!

I gave a buzz to mum told her that she must on the heater whenever she feel cold, is only 3.6 degree Celsius around our area. Very worry that mum cannot cope with the cold weather. I wish the weather not frighten her as this is her first winter in Melbourne. I wish mum can make more trips to Melbourne in future.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Remind you of Harry Porter's Movie ?

On our way to Lake Mountain, we have to pass through a few spot where on our left and right the scenery are all 50-60 feet high trees. This is one of the photo I captured using my fully automatic digital camera. This photo seem familiar, like one of the scene appeared in one of my dreams or Harry Porter's Movie ?

想不到傻瓜相机也有这样的效果吧 ? 在我们上山向 Lake Mountain 方向前进时, 一路上都有经过高高的树林。 这时绍闻就问 : “像不像电影Harry Porter's 的景象?” 我快快拿出相机拍下了让大家评评 。。。

Lake Mountain Trip with Mum

Lake Mountain is Melbourne's closest Ski and Snow Resort, it took around 2 hours drive from our house to reach the resort's visitor centre. By the time we reach there, is late afternoon 4pm. We spent around 30min to snap all these wonderful photos.

星期六是我人生的几个“第一次”; 第一次上雪山玩, 第一次看见下雪的情景, 第一次亲手做雪人, 雪屋, 等等。 也是妈妈的第一次看见下雪。 绍闻则在多年前英国留学时到苏格兰体验过了。

To drive there on our own is quite tiring for our only driver, Shao Wen. Luckily we are driving CRV four-wheel drive that does not require to chain our wheels. Chains is needed to put on all the vehicle wheels at all time to travel to Lake Mountain. Wind screen is always fill with mist, we have to use one cloth to mop our wind screen in order to have a clear view of the front. Snow flakes flew and hit on our wind screen. Is my first time experience snow, the same goes to mum. We were so excited and happy that Shaowen make the effort to drive there to allow us to see the snow for the first time.

一路上我们在驾车时都需要不停用热布抹掉挡风镜上蒙蒙的冷气。早上在网上看了气象报告说雪的厚度有25厘米,一路上很期待。 我们的鞋子都是平时的运动鞋, 在雪地上都很滑。 妈妈和绍闻一而再,再而三提醒大家要很小心。 这趟上雪山很开心,终于看见下雪了。 :)

Mummy at 38th Week Pregnancy

We were so worry that mum will not be able to stand the cold. Mum get herself equiped with 3 layers pants and 3 layers of tops. With my ski jacket, mum looks like so cute in the ski outfits.

妈妈在相片里看不出当时是穿了三层的衣服和裤子吧?再加上滑雪的外套共四层。 妈妈一直要戴妹妹买给她的耳朵保护罩来拍照说至少有用过。 哈哈!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

C-Section or Natural Birth ? ! ?

I went for my external cephalic version, ECV yesterday with mum. By the time I reach there, all the ECV staffs were having meeting, I waited 30min before they start the first fetal monitoring. From the graph, it shows baby is happy, heartbeat is normal. Then the doctor came into the room and start the ECV.

The process is quick, it started off with a injection, some medicine to relax your uterus muscle, then ultrasound to confirm the baby is breech, followed with the doctor externally holding the baby head and bottom and start TURNNING. When the baby is block, ultrasound again. The baby stay diagonally face bottom left, doctor noticed something blocking baby from keep turn into the complete downward position. They suspect could be the placenta. I was being ask to go through the thorough ultrasound to confirm if placenta is blocking baby. In Medical terms, they called it the "Placenta Previa", mean the placenta is at least partially covering the cervix.The sonographer, Ms Penny gave me the good news that I am not having one. Just somehow baby likes to stay at his position that he is currently feel comfortable. I asked for second ECV, doctor say in my case, baby like to stay as it is.

After long explanation of the risk of this birth, finally O & G have recommended that I should go for C-section. He booked for me 16th July (Mon) to go for a C-section. I shall now wait for hospital official letter on the preparation of my c-section.

I still pray hard that before the 39th week comes, my baby turns. Then I can avoid my C-section. Is always in my mind that if possible I wish I could have a natural vaginal birth, faster recovery, no scar, less external agent to mummy and baby (drugs & painkillers), etc. Since I am staying away from family, just mummy and husband around when baby is born, I wish my body could get back into "fit condition" asap... Anyway, finding that we gather from all the resources and relatives say mother should have more exercise and walking to ease the baby to turn. So I got to go now, walk walk and walk... :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mummy is here

After a long one hour wait at Melbourne Airport, I see mummy with the trolley coming out from the automatic gate. Gosh! We keep wondering, our mobile did not ring, means Victorian custom is not giving her any problem. Finally we found out since we request for airport crew assistance to bring mum out to the arrival hall, she is almost the last person check out from the flight.

All the food such like Fried Ginger, Coffee, biscuits, Chili Paste pass through the Custom.

We brought her a winter jacket in case she can not stand Melbourne weather when she walk from the terminal to our car. She ends up just wear her wind blocker that she was wearing since she get onto the plane. But the winds that blow to her face when she exit from the terminal really frighten her at the first few seconds. :) She never experience such a cold wind before ever since in Malaysia.