Friday, August 31, 2007

Yong Shuan 6th Week Appointment

Yesterday, we went to maternal nurse clinic. It was Yong Shuan's 6th week appointment. He has gained 695gm. Now Yong Shuan is more than 4kg.

This week, I sort out some clothing that I found YS cannot fits anymore.

Following are the reading of YS at 6th week.

Head Circ. - 37.5cm
Weight - 4.020kg
Height - 53cm
(p/s: I missed this photo at previous posting)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yong Shuan's Finger Nails

I was so shocked when I found out Yong Shuan's finger nails grow so fast. Just two days after I trimmed his nails, he scratched and left marks on his forehead again... sigh! To cut Yong Shuan's nails was just like the cartoon "Pink Panther" to me, I have to wait until he falls into deep deep sleep and be extra .. extra ... careful every time I press the clipper. Phew!! ...

The Making of Auntie Tan's Man Tou

We have heard many times from dad on their story of Man Tou (plain bun) back at home - Ipoh. Today, mum demonstrates the making of Man Tou in Melbourne.

Initially, we worried if the yeast will works at this weather. Surprisingly, it turned out to be as prefect as it was made in Ipoh.

一直听爸爸说做馒头很简单, 他一直有在怡保和妈妈做来吃。 今天,在墨尔本妈妈做了她自己最爱的馒头给我们尝。刚刚出炉热热的馒头,加上香香的牛油, 太好吃了。 有时候,简单的食材反而是最令人回味的味道。
来到异国,当你发现什么都不方便,都昂贵时,你可能会像我,经常在网上找食谱,或越洋问妈妈怎么样做菜,做点心等等。"Practice make prefect" 可能有一朝我的点心可以拿到外头去卖呢!

...when Yong Shuan wears size 00 ... instead of 000 ...

外婆又有创举了。 今天放工回到家里,正想过去亲亲他时,看到外婆帮永轩穿了件大一号的衬衫和短裤。太可爱了,好像在穿裙子。

Sunday, August 26, 2007

More pictures of Yong Shuan for your perusal

Tradisional Birthday Meal


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Plum blossom tree at our backyard

Last week, mum discovered one plum blossom tree at our backyard, so we decided to take these photos with Yong Shuan.

今年的全球暖化好像是把春天提早了一样, 到处看见花都盛开,冬天连午间的阳光也是烫烫地。 就在上个礼拜,妈妈发现了我们后院原来有一棵梅花树。 妈妈把阻挡在前面的杂草除掉后,今天我们就在这棵小小棵的梅花树前拍照留念。

Magnolia Flower

妈妈出外就很注意别人家或路边的花草树木。今天给妈妈介绍了这种在马来西亚看不到的花 - Magnolia.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Burp Video

This is Shao Wen trying to get Yong Shuan to burp. This video specially dedicated to Shao Wen because he often complains that he can not see Yong Shuan.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cherry Blossom Tree

Few years back, during Chinese New Year dad used to decorate one cherry blossom tree at home to symbolize Spring time and new year celebration. In tropical home country, Malaysia, we can only buy the plastic made blossom flower for decoration.
Today, is mum's first time to see real cherry blossom flower in Melbourne.

往年,爸爸会去买假的梅花花蕾来装饰华人新年。 今天妈妈在墨尔本第一次看见了樱花树。其实我也不会分辨这两种花种。相信我们今天看见的是樱花。满满的整棵树都开满花没看见叶子。

New cloth from "Ikan Kecil"

"Mummy, this cloth smell fresh, is it new?"
"Yes, is from "Ikan Kecitt" - Small Fish (the nickname for Auntie Audrey)"

"Not bad, soft blue color. mummy."

"Wait a minute, "ikan kecitt" ?!?!" 小鱼? not 小姨?

More of Yong Shuan

Yong Shuan with beanie

Friday, August 17, 2007

Aunty Tan's Steamed Egg Cake 鸡蛋糕

鸡蛋糕 (Ji-Dan-Gao in Mandarin), Steamed Egg Cake in the making.

After 15mins, my Ji-Dan-Gao is here.

啊!怎么就五粒呢? 对,我的小小蒸炉就只可以放五粒。 妈妈说太久没有做,免得做不成浪费,就试做三颗鸡蛋咯!

Close up view.... Yummy.. (and most important, not sweat)


I break my own record!

Good news ! It's my n-th blood test today that I did not faint after the nurse took the sample. For those who know me well will understand this. I used to faint when I had blood tests, injections.. anything to do with that "needle" since secondary school years. Since I was pregnant, I was so worried. People have been telling me that I have to go through the numerous tests that during pregnancy before giving birth to babies.

Infact, I broke my record during last Glucose test, 3 "pock" in 3 hours. Today I was a little worried as we skipped breakfast to arrive at the medical centre on time. With empty stomach, the pathologist advised me to lie down for her to take the sample. She was good, there was just little "bitten" feeling and that's all. Oh ya, I forgot to mention, I went for a medical check up this morning.

我就打破了我自己的纪录了! 今天我们到City去做体检。太好了,今天的验血我没有晕倒。

认识我的朋友亲人会知道我曾经验血和打针晕倒过。自从怀孕以来,就担心会因为要验血和打针晕倒。 在几个月前我就打破了我自己的纪录,在验血糖时没有事。

今天早上我们没有吃早餐就来到验血。因为空着肚子就有点担心会不支晕倒,结果今早的护士很有经验,竟然只是一点小痛。 可能我就这样克服了怕打针。

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yong Shuan gained his weight again

Bravo !! Yong Shuan gained weight again.. Yong Shuan definitely needs to gain weight because he is growing otherwise we would have more to worry. However we are very excited because nurse used to call him "Little Man", calling him "Mister" this times. :)

太好了, 永轩的体重再增加了。 当然如果体重不增加那我们就有很多要担心的。很多妈妈可能和我一样很担心宝宝不懂有没有吃不饱,睡不好。晚上如果永轩突然静下来我会吓醒, 看看永轩动动他。护士之前叫永轩“Little Man” 今天叫他“先生”了。

今天是永轩4星期的体检,永轩现在是3.325公斤了。护士替永轩从头到脚检查一遍,量头围,量高度,再把永轩躺着摸摸脊椎骨,还有很多很多。。。 一切都很好。 最后约了两个星期后再带永轩体检。

We just came back from Maternal Nurse and Child Centre. Nurse Janette weighted Yong Shuan, the latest reading is 3.325Kg. Wow.. as parents, we feel so great and relief when we know Yong Shuan gained 500g in 2 weeks time.

The nurse measured head size, the length, the weight, she turned Yong Shuan on his tummy and feel the backbone, listen to Yong Shuan lung ... I seen this routine before when Janette came to our house on week2. We as well booked in for our week6 appointment. We look forward for many more excitements to come..

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Now you see. Now you don't!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More pictures of Yong Shuan

More gifts for Yong Shuan

Today we receive more gifts for Yong Shuan. Thank you to all thoughtful relatives, friends and neighbours.