Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheng Shuan at 6weeks old

Mini Jabulani Football

Milo has organised this program that we could redeem Mini Adidas Football
when one have collected enough Milo barcode.

Husband is eagerly collecting the barcode for his son.
He is even more excited than Yong Shuan to own this football.

Finally, the mini football is here.

This morning, I brought Yong Shuan to the nearest bicycle shop to get it filled.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Durian Trip ... Again

Another round of durian trip to Sungai Siput, this time was with hubby.
We went there around 12.00noon,
we enjoyed the frog (tian-chee in Mandarin) noodles and durian as dessert.

We even packed some back Ipoh for friends and family.
Though it is coming to the end of durian season, the durian still taste

Fun times with Ren Jie

Few days back, schoolmate, Hui Lian brought her son to have some fun time with Yong Shuan.
Ren Jie is going to be 2YO in 2 months time, looking at him and my Yong Shuan, Oh! come on .. Yong Shuan , you got to eat more.

TV was showing some kid's programme,

"Boys, Please look at the camera!"

Finally ....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dialog with Yong Shuan


ME : 你伤风不可以 sayang 弟弟。妈咪怕你会传染给他。
YS : 妈咪,我是用口的, 没有用鼻子。
ME : ??

YS : 我的鼻子伤风,口没有伤风。
ME : @_@|||


ME : 今天永轩你要陪妈咪去眼镜店吗? 还是到 TESCO 去 ?
YS : 妈咪,我要贪心,两个地方都要去。
ME : 不可以贪心。
现在妈咪要给弟弟喂奶,不可以上街太长时间。你选一个地方我们就去那边。我需要去眼镜店就不能够去 TESCO 了.
YS : mm... mmm... 那我们去眼镜店,然后回家喂弟弟,再到 TESCO 去。可以吗?
ME : @_@|||

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lintang Durian Trip

We went to this orchard at Lintang, Sungai Siput with family and Ken's parents.
Audrey suggested this trip on Saturday night after dinner, dad tried our luck to give
uncle a call if there are any more durian available for this season. Yes, there are.

The next day, we drove in one car - sis's brand new Alza,
it is very spacious, we were so happy to travel
in one car rather than two. It was my first trip to this place after
hearing it many times from dad.
We spent a wonderful afternoon with Ken's parents, everyone was happy with
the fruit, the weather and the journey.

The King

Ken was holding my prince to touch "the King"

Yummy ... Speechless ..

We were enjoying the fruit while Cheng Shuan was having
his afternoon nap on Grandma's shoulder

Uncle treated us some coconut drink, purposely took this to have a
clear look at his very own "chopping station".

We called off the day with the very famous "Mao San Huang" breed of durian - prefect.

Yong Shuan Birthday Dinner

Cheng Shuan with Daddy and Mummy.

It is time for family photo.

With cousin Yun Hao and a photo with his favorite cheese cake.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Yong Shuan

I have purposely cropped this portion of the blog to use it as a new post here.
Today is Yong Shuan 3 years old birthday. We celebrated in advance last Wed when daddy is around town. We had vegetarian dinner with family member.

Yong Shuan enjoyed his Oreo Cheese Cake, once again from JJ Cakes,
highly recommended for those of you with healthy diet in mind.
No preservatives & low sugar.

More Photos to come...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cheng Shuan Full Moon is here.

Ang Koo, pickled gingers, Eggs and most important of all JJ Cakes Mini Rolls.
These are all packed together to become Cheng Shuan Full Moon Gift Set to be given
to all friends and relatives around Ipoh.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grandma Tan & grandsons

Mum helped to bath the two grandsons every morning for me.
After my confinement ends, I believe I will need to follow a set of routine
in order to settle my two sons.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

3wks old Cheng Shuan and Yong Shuan

Cheng Shuan at 3 Weeks Old.

Yong Shuan was playing my old-times-LEGO. He found this pirate gun,
pointed it and make the sound "Piang Piang",
" Mummy, you see, this gun is so small"

" Yes it was meant for the tiny hand of LEGO pirates."

Sunday, July 04, 2010

More of the two boys

Since mummy is on her "confinement", YS have to bath himself
with the help of Grandma - Tan of course.

with Maternal Grandparents ...

... and Paternal Grandparents and cousin Yun Hao.

At 40thweek

Along this pregnancy, we were occupied with alot other thing,
therefore only managed to snap few photos right before I give birth to Cheng Shuan.

Photos were taken at 40th week.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Just Photos of Yong Shuan

These photos were taken during his age of 28th month, sometimes October 2009.

Since we started to work on S11 our retail store, most of Yong Shuan photos were taken in the store. This is one of them, he helps to water the plant for daddy. We love Kaffir Lime, we used to have one in Melbourne. Back to Malaysia, grandpa-Lee bought us this Kaffir Lime plant. Since Yong Shuan is not a spicy hot food lover, I hardly cook Tom Yam. Basically we just pluck the leaves to enjoy the smell at our finger tips.

He is good helper when we go shopping at the local hypermarket. He helps to remind mummy her shopping list, which mostly item such like cheese, yogurt drinks, biscuit - YONG SHUAN's list.