Monday, December 20, 2010

My Birthday Gift 2010 - iPhone 4

A big hug to my caring and lovely hubby, I got surprise with an iPhone 4 this year for my birthday. There was this story to tell along with this iPhone4 birthday gift; hubby tried to contact Maxis and other Apple store to try to get me one iPhone4 without me knowing.

However, he mistakenly thought I have to go in-person to have the registration done for my new phone. In actual fact, the phone number is a sub-line under the same holder - which is him. So there is no need for me to be there. When the day comes, he brought me to the front of Maxis Ipoh office, I wondered and asked why were we there? Aren't we supposed to go to this supplier at the other site of the town? He then only tell me yes we are here to get your new iPhone4. In deep of my heart, I am surprised and happy.

When the registration was on going, our friend asked the officer why she never ask for my ID or signature, only then he realized the whole thing can be done without me, and how he wish to "really" surprise me with my SIM card changed into the new phone n put it in a box.


My first answer to Shao Wen was, " Thank you daddy " on behalf of Yong Shuan. I know he will be more happier than myself to know mummy have iPhone and all the apps he can try on.

And I started to explore the phone, this is what I found last week. The 360 Panorama from my iPhone 4. I took this photo in my shop, S Eleven, it is the new wing. There is another lot similar size with more Gondola shelving.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Parents' House

All photos were taken by Audrey's Wedding Photographer, Chan.

This is my parents' house in Ipoh.

Color Scheme designed by Kuan Siew.
Landscape designed by The Green Pine.

It used to be a single storey linked house, the renovation guru - my father, has
extended it to a 1.5 storey (with a hidden attic) and side extension linked house.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Raya Cuti !

The last Hari Raya holiday, we've spent wonderful family bonding time in Kl at sis Audrey house.
It was a fruitful trip, we replenished S 11's stock, got for my dress to attend Audrey wedding dinner, and we brought CS to swin for the first time.

We forgot about photo snapping when we were in the swimming pool. Both of them enjoyed the swimming part a lot.

The Brothers

The Brothers with Grandma Tan

These are the photos taken before the hair cut.

~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~

Busy September 2010 for our family, Audrey married on the 25th September.

One week before the actual day, we went for rehearsal at St Andrew church. Everything is very new to us, it is our first time in the Tan family to held a church wedding. Yong Shuan is honored to be the Ring Boy for Audrey. As a mother, I guess I am more nervous than my son. We have been practicing this "psycho" method, we keep telling him on how he is supposed to walk down the aisle and to hand the ring to the Pastor and so.

He did well on the rehearsal, as well as on the actual day . Phewit ! {breathout}

When everyone was clapping, YS was like paused a few seconds deny to start his first step.
With a soft push, I started him to walk down the aisle.

I was a panic at that time, worry what if he just quit. Luckily he carried out the task wonderfully.

Muah ! Muah ! for YS. {Kiss}

More pictures on the actual day is on the way.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheng Shuan New Look

After 100th days, I've brought CS to my Aunt's salon for his first hair cut.

Looks good?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Yong Shuan draws family portrait

Today YS shows me his first family portrait drawing, clockwise from the top, orange color is YS himself, then mummy (me) the small blue one, then the center is daddy and the bottom one is CS Di-Di. According to YS, the comb-liked lines on the forehead is hair.

I am going to laminate and keep this for him.

He then signed his name YS on the drawing with the Y's strokes opened.

Here is a photo of him having his nap with the builder cap on .

After shooting this photo, I took his cap off, guess what?

He cried and asked for his cap the first thing after he woke up from his nap.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The remarkable year 2010

I am very thankful,

2010 is the year :

Yong Shuan turned 3 years old healthy n happy;

I gave birth to Cheng Shuan 3.06kg;

I am breastfeeding CS and yet pump the extra for YS and he likes it;

S11, our business has expanded from one shop lot to two;

I've hired a maid to help out on the daily house chores;
and we are quite happy with her around,
she is a fast learner and smiles alot;

Audrey, my beloved sister is getting married this September;

my car Getz got stolen, and this has gave me a chance to change new car;

the list goes on and on...

I know more happy things will come around ...


Cheng Shuan at 2 months 2 weeks old

Another 2 weeks passed, it seems that I have get used to the new routine at S11.
Cheng Shuan usual morning feed is around 6.30 to 7am then normally
I will fall asleep and wake up again around 8am.

Once SW, myself and maid is ready, we will leave home for S11.
We usually stop by the market to grab our breakfast and
some groceries for dinner. Upon reaching S11, SW and my maid will
get ready to open the shop for business, pull the rack out, sweep the floor etc,
meanwhile I will boil the water and get ready to bath
Yong Shuan and Cheng Shuan.
Once both my sons bathed and changed, it is almost close to lunch time.

We are now catering our lunch from a rice stall. Auntie will send the
food over everyday for our lunch. I will have to cook dinner myself.
Taking care of CS, feed him from time to time, read with YS, play with both of them
is my daily activities. We will soon need to send YS to kinder. I am going to miss him alot.

I started to worry whether will he feel nervous or frighten but SW keep
telling me we got to let go. He should learn to take care himself and social with others.

I guess most moms will have the same feeling with me, our baby is always baby.

These are the photos I took this morning with CS.

CS starts sucking his fist.

Difficult decision to choose which side is more tasty?

More and more babbles and bubbles from CS day by day.

Found YS photos from old blog entry, are the brothers look alike?
both are shot at the 10th week old.

Monday, August 23, 2010

S Eleven Store Flyer is here!

Finally, S Eleven store flyer is here.

Happy to see these flyers piling on my desk, it shows
it have been a year we are still surviving in this neighbourhood
selling plasticware and household livingware.

A couple of weeks ago, we were fortunate to be able to rent the next shop lot,
we have demolished one wall to make an entrance between two shops.

Dad came last weekend to help on assemble the racking, more stock is arriving,
more work need to be done before our
shop looks presentable and appropriate.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Audrey & Ken 's ROM

First and foremost, congratulations to
Ken - brother in law to be & Audrey for their ROM.

It was last Monday the memorable day of lifetime for Audrey my sister.
We were invited to witness the legal signing of Marriage for Audrey & Ken.

Yong Shuan put on the tie Audrey bought for him sometimes ago and
a pair of brand new shoe.

We shop around Ipoh for toddler 5 pieces suit for Yong Shuan,
as he is the one carry the pair of ring on the actual church wedding day for auntie Audrey.

Cannot wait for the day to come, lets hope YS will not go panic and
run around the aisle.

For those of you have linked to my FACEBOOK,
more pictures at your viewing pleasure at this link.

Photos credited to Kuan Siew godsis.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheng Shuan at 6weeks old

Mini Jabulani Football

Milo has organised this program that we could redeem Mini Adidas Football
when one have collected enough Milo barcode.

Husband is eagerly collecting the barcode for his son.
He is even more excited than Yong Shuan to own this football.

Finally, the mini football is here.

This morning, I brought Yong Shuan to the nearest bicycle shop to get it filled.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Durian Trip ... Again

Another round of durian trip to Sungai Siput, this time was with hubby.
We went there around 12.00noon,
we enjoyed the frog (tian-chee in Mandarin) noodles and durian as dessert.

We even packed some back Ipoh for friends and family.
Though it is coming to the end of durian season, the durian still taste

Fun times with Ren Jie

Few days back, schoolmate, Hui Lian brought her son to have some fun time with Yong Shuan.
Ren Jie is going to be 2YO in 2 months time, looking at him and my Yong Shuan, Oh! come on .. Yong Shuan , you got to eat more.

TV was showing some kid's programme,

"Boys, Please look at the camera!"

Finally ....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dialog with Yong Shuan


ME : 你伤风不可以 sayang 弟弟。妈咪怕你会传染给他。
YS : 妈咪,我是用口的, 没有用鼻子。
ME : ??

YS : 我的鼻子伤风,口没有伤风。
ME : @_@|||


ME : 今天永轩你要陪妈咪去眼镜店吗? 还是到 TESCO 去 ?
YS : 妈咪,我要贪心,两个地方都要去。
ME : 不可以贪心。
现在妈咪要给弟弟喂奶,不可以上街太长时间。你选一个地方我们就去那边。我需要去眼镜店就不能够去 TESCO 了.
YS : mm... mmm... 那我们去眼镜店,然后回家喂弟弟,再到 TESCO 去。可以吗?
ME : @_@|||

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lintang Durian Trip

We went to this orchard at Lintang, Sungai Siput with family and Ken's parents.
Audrey suggested this trip on Saturday night after dinner, dad tried our luck to give
uncle a call if there are any more durian available for this season. Yes, there are.

The next day, we drove in one car - sis's brand new Alza,
it is very spacious, we were so happy to travel
in one car rather than two. It was my first trip to this place after
hearing it many times from dad.
We spent a wonderful afternoon with Ken's parents, everyone was happy with
the fruit, the weather and the journey.

The King

Ken was holding my prince to touch "the King"

Yummy ... Speechless ..

We were enjoying the fruit while Cheng Shuan was having
his afternoon nap on Grandma's shoulder

Uncle treated us some coconut drink, purposely took this to have a
clear look at his very own "chopping station".

We called off the day with the very famous "Mao San Huang" breed of durian - prefect.