Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Ticker

Some of you may have noticed, I have added one new ticker in this blog. Yes, I am carrying another baby in my tummy and praying hard for all the best coming on 2010.

May my family and everyone out there prosperous and good wishes be with you in the coming 2010.

Happy New Year !

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weep ... Weep ...

This afternoon, while we were busy unpacking stocks from the supplier, Yong Shuan found this small whisk set in the box. He said to daddy : "Can I have this?". Daddy said : " No, you got to earn money to buy from daddy. "

The next thing you know, Yong Shuan walked to the cash register, hit the button, opened the drawer, get 5 cents and hand to his daddy. " Nah, daddy now I buy this from you."

Daddy and Mummy gave Yong Shuan a big big hug and tears rolling. We have to start teaching him cannot simply open the drawer, and 5 cents is not equal to RM 4.30.

Weep... Weep..