Thursday, April 08, 2010

Yong Shuan first movie in the cinema - How to Train Your Dragon.

S11 rest every Wednesday, so we went to replenish some stock and sundry. Upon finish, daddy bring Yong Shuan to experience his first cartoon in the cinema. Before we went into the theater, we kept telling him it is ok if he prefers to walk out of the cinema, though in our mind, we wish him to watch at least once in the cinema until the end.

We picked this Dreamworks - How to Train Your Dragon. I must say today's cartoon are meant to be viewed both by the adults and kids. The story line is good, animation is bravo and cute. It is recommended.

Luckily the sound system of this cinema at Seberang Jaya is not very loud, I am not sure if it is the speaker or the movie itself, but we loved the way it is. Yong Shuan will be frighten if the sound is too loud. He used to watch movie at home from the TV or Laptop but not in the cinema.

After the show, we went to this Mega Kiddie World for some sweat session for Yong Shuan. Both of us ended up more exhausted than our boy. This place is all covered with sponged pillar and gigantic slides, rubber balls shooting, round trampoline, gigantic piano on the floor etc. He loves the pool of plastic balls while the daddy thought to get him one round trampoline when we can afford our own place one day.