Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Aunty's Wedding

Last weekend was the big day for Yong Shuan's Aunty, Ice. Congratulation! Aunty Ice. She held her wedding dinner at Sungai Petani last Saturday in one of the Chinese restaurant. As usual, Yong Shuan fell asleep half of the time while the Karaoke and Yum Sheng played as the background music for him.

Aunty Audrey was complaining about the car seat, end up Yong Shuan sit on mummy thigh on the way back to Ipoh. Due to the long holiday of Hari Raya Haji + Christmas + New Year (may be), it took us 4 hours to reach Ipoh. Grrrr..... :(

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry X'mas!

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Noisy Shopping Centre

I went shopping with mum and Yong Shuan at Kinta City.

The above was taken at 2.30pm when we were having our lunch.




After lunch, we continued our shopping in the supermarket section.
Finally, I bought some nappies and mittens for YS.



YS fell asleep half way.

Let's have a closer look at YS fingers.

I guess Yong Shuan was trying to complain the "noise pollution" in the shopping centre.

Glutinous Desserts

This coming Saturday, 22nd December is the Chinese Festival " 冬至" - Winter. On this special day, the Chinese will prepare the Glutinous Ball Dessert for all the family members.

This year, I helped mum to prepare the Tang Yuan (Glutinous Ball) while she helped me to look after Yong Shuan. I have made them in three colors, the red, the green and the original white color.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yummy Sweet Potatoes

Yummy Yummy.. Sweet Potatoes... I got this Nutricia First Balance baby food from the Coles Baby Goodies Bag . By the time we go back to Melbourne on February, YS will be 7 months old. So, I brought the baby food back to Malaysia. I have mixed them with some baby rice, YS enjoyed the sweet potatoes.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Here we come, Malaysia!

5th Dec 2007, I flew back to Malaysia with Yong Shuan. Daddy carried and kept sayang Yong Shuan until the International Departures Gates Entrance where passed Yong Shuan to me.

In the plane, there was one young air hostess named Kay Yeng standing just next to my seat. She was being told that a bassinet was needed therefore she came to us and shared the safety procedures. Yong Shuan needed to be tightened with an infant seat belt that was attached to mine.

Get Set ... Ready to take off.


tick... tick... tick....

After 7 hours


This was taken when we waited at KLIA for our Penang transit. The moment I walked out of the plane, Yong Shuan's face turned red.

Oh ya, I nearly forgot to mention this MAS trip was horrible. All inflight entertainment were down. Everyone was complaining on the flight. We were being served numerous times of drinks, ended up with everyone queuing to use the washroom. Kids ran up and down the aisle, while their parents and other were chatting with each others.

It was a very good experiencee for myself and my little one. We landed at Penang airport around 12.00 midnight.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!~

My Birthday gift from Yong Shuan - HIS SMILE.

Happy Birthday to me! It was my birthday on the 3rd Dec. We went to Japanese Restaurant to have a simple dinner, instead of yummy cheese cake for birthday, I got one big plate of sashimi & sushi.

Yong Shuan demonstrated holding his own bottle when daddy fed him.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Getting Ready to fly back to Malaysia

It is my first time travelling with Yong Shuan by myself on a plane.Though I have started to pack my luggage days ago, I am still packing on the last minute. I seem to pack half the house along. More than 80% of my luggage is filled with Yong Shuan's stuff including his bibs, hankies, clothes, wraps, etc. We are going to stay for more than 2 months to celebrate Chinese New Year in Malaysia, therefore I have to bring some bigger size clothes to spare in case Yong Shuan grows out of his current '00' to '0'. Besides the check-in luggage, I am going to carry one backpack as well for the need of his nappy change and feeds during the 7-hour flight. I have been asking around all the experienced moms what I would be expecting to fly with babies. Most of them told me, I should feed him during the take off and the landing. This is because the motion to swallow liquid will ease the discomfort caused by air pressure. I am still nervous, let's hope everything will go smoothly for Yong Shuan and myself on this coming memorable "first time" and we can not wait to meet Yong Shuan's grandparents and aunties.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Ikea Kids Club

Last Sunday morning, we decided to have our breakfast at IKEA. Before we left for Ikea, Yong Shuan was fed at home, and yet he was still having his snacks (fingers) on the way there. It was Yong Shuan first time to validate his Ikea Kids Club pass since he got it weeks ago.

Ever since we have Yong Shuan, I have registered him to most of the kid club, baby club in Australia. My mail inbox is now full with Yong Shuan's club newsletters and IKEA Kids Club is one of them. Last Sunday after we scanned the pass, we got free cloth hangers from Ikea.

"Good, now mummy and daddy's closet does not only belong to them. Must spare some spaces for my cloths as well."

Side Sleeper ?!?

We discovered Yong Shuan hardly sleep on his back these days. We put him on either right or left side to ease him fall sleep on himself, then we discovered he will turn to the other side by himself from time to time but not on his back anymore. I am a bit worried because his saliva has caused some skin reaction to his cheek. :(

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another Boring Saturday for Yong Shuan



~ * ~ * ~ * ~

在回家的路上, 我们经过 Adidas 办公室,今天是他们的清仓大抛售。这是我第一次看见这种场面,实在惊人。这间运动品牌在他们办公室的停车场内做清仓大抛售,吸引了很多的顾客。在这里我们看见每个人手里都挂着衣服,颈上肩上挂着球鞋等等。他们看见只要是不同款式就抢着要,拿到再看看 尺寸对不对衬。太可怕了!让大家看看最后排长龙付钱的情景吧。


男: “哦,这是小婴儿的衣服吧!”
女: “是的。”
女: “可以留着给以后。”
男:“我的天啊! 那还很久。”
女: “不理,先拿着。等一下不要才算。”




永轩:“ 啊! 怎么会这样? 我现在就可以穿啊! ”



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yong Shuan first ride on the public transport

Wow, this is the Metcard of Melbourne's public transport that I am going to keep for Yong Shuan. This morning YS experienced his first public bus ride to the nearby Box Hill Centro.

I was abit nervous as I am a careless person when comes to handbag, handphone, key and money. I carried him in the baby carrier and brought with me one backpack filled with YS's nappy, extra clothing, water, wipes etc. We had a wonderful 2 hours outing and I bought YS 3 pairs of socks.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yong Shuan's latest babble movie

Yong Shuan's discovered a new style to babble this evening.

The Cherry Orchard Outing

This morning, we went to Cherry Haven to pick our own cherry. We went to a different cherry orchard last year with mum and dad, we enjoyed the outing, so this year we decided to have one cherry picking outing with Yong Shuan. This morning, most of the cherries are picked by Shao Wen. This orchard charged a small fees of $3/person and $10/kg for the cherries we picked.

We have picked 1.8 kg of cherries which normally sell at $10 - $ 12/kg in the market.

The magnificent scenery from the "Cherry Haven".

Cherry Trees.

Before we start picking cherry, I fed YS and daddy helped to burp him.

Read the instructions on how to pick the cherry.
We must not pluck the cherry bud as the broken bud will not grow any more cherry.

Thanks to YS, mummy did not get her fingers dirty at all. :D

A branch full of cherries.

This is just one of the way to pick cherry. This orchard had provided us the ladder.

Close up on the cherry bud.

Not forget to mention we went there with our friends, Yoke Yee and her hubby.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

From Fingers to Anything

---2 mins later --->

Yong Shuan's Fingers

The "Goo" Sound

When Yong Shuan try to make the "Goo" sound.

* ~ * ~ *

It was YS's 4th month immunization yesterday, we brought him to have his 3 vaccines by IM injection and one oral Rota virus. His next appointment will fall in January 2008 when he is 6 months old. Yesterday Yong Shuan did not cry as much as his first vaccine. He was brave. According to the nurse, the Pneumococcal was the most painful one among the three vaccines. He only started to cry when the nurse poked the third one and a while after that, he stopped crying.

Bravo ! My son. I am happy he is more like daddy not myself.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coles Baby Club Goodie Bag

We received the newsletter from Coles Baby Club yesterday. There was one voucher for us to claim our Coles Baby Club Goodie Bag in this issue. We went to Coles after dinner for window shopping and check out the Goodie Bag.