Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yong Shuan first ride on the public transport

Wow, this is the Metcard of Melbourne's public transport that I am going to keep for Yong Shuan. This morning YS experienced his first public bus ride to the nearby Box Hill Centro.

I was abit nervous as I am a careless person when comes to handbag, handphone, key and money. I carried him in the baby carrier and brought with me one backpack filled with YS's nappy, extra clothing, water, wipes etc. We had a wonderful 2 hours outing and I bought YS 3 pairs of socks.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yong Shuan's latest babble movie

Yong Shuan's discovered a new style to babble this evening.

The Cherry Orchard Outing

This morning, we went to Cherry Haven to pick our own cherry. We went to a different cherry orchard last year with mum and dad, we enjoyed the outing, so this year we decided to have one cherry picking outing with Yong Shuan. This morning, most of the cherries are picked by Shao Wen. This orchard charged a small fees of $3/person and $10/kg for the cherries we picked.

We have picked 1.8 kg of cherries which normally sell at $10 - $ 12/kg in the market.

The magnificent scenery from the "Cherry Haven".

Cherry Trees.

Before we start picking cherry, I fed YS and daddy helped to burp him.

Read the instructions on how to pick the cherry.
We must not pluck the cherry bud as the broken bud will not grow any more cherry.

Thanks to YS, mummy did not get her fingers dirty at all. :D

A branch full of cherries.

This is just one of the way to pick cherry. This orchard had provided us the ladder.

Close up on the cherry bud.

Not forget to mention we went there with our friends, Yoke Yee and her hubby.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

From Fingers to Anything

---2 mins later --->

Yong Shuan's Fingers

The "Goo" Sound

When Yong Shuan try to make the "Goo" sound.

* ~ * ~ *

It was YS's 4th month immunization yesterday, we brought him to have his 3 vaccines by IM injection and one oral Rota virus. His next appointment will fall in January 2008 when he is 6 months old. Yesterday Yong Shuan did not cry as much as his first vaccine. He was brave. According to the nurse, the Pneumococcal was the most painful one among the three vaccines. He only started to cry when the nurse poked the third one and a while after that, he stopped crying.

Bravo ! My son. I am happy he is more like daddy not myself.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coles Baby Club Goodie Bag

We received the newsletter from Coles Baby Club yesterday. There was one voucher for us to claim our Coles Baby Club Goodie Bag in this issue. We went to Coles after dinner for window shopping and check out the Goodie Bag.

Miserable Weather

We had a warm weekend last week, it was 35 degree Celcius. We have postponed our pick-your-own cherries outing to this coming weekend. However, we still went to market to get some groceries. Yong Shuan follows us everywhere even we just want to buy a bottle of milk. I used to dress him up with body suit due to the windy weather, not any more on Summer, has to be short sleeve / sleeveless, sometimes just nappy.

The following is the series of photos I tried to snap Yong Shuan barefoot. I have to hold the camera close to the ceiling of my car to get these.

We passed by this baby toy shop, thought of sharing this with grandparents the cute toy car.

When we came back around 4pm, Yong Shuan was very unsettled. We bathed him, changed his nappy, fed him, finally we found out he needed a FAN.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lie Down Modelling

Two piece wear from Mummy & Daddy

Body suit from Aunty Christina

" Mummy, why most of my shirts featuring animal? Can I have Cars next time ? "

Elmo on the Blog

I thought I can keep this Elmo shirt for Chinese New Year as red color is the prosperous color in Chinese's belief. When I try to put the shirt on Yong Shuan, OMG, I have to let Yong Shuan wears this now and cannot wait for CNY.

Kids Talk - 75 Ways to Encourage Children

I found this poster when I do my filing for Yong Shuan's Booklet. I thought it is something worth to share with all the mummy-to-be out there. I got this from my council maternal nurse office, sponsored by Victoria Government, Australia. These are just part of a long list, you can go to Best Start for the whole list of them.

In the family
  1. Please
  2. Thank you
  3. How thoughtful
  4. I love you
  5. What a lovely smile
  6. Thank you for sharing
  7. You are a great help
  8. I'm very proud of you
  9. That was a kind thing to do
  10. Let's take turns
  11. You are playing so well with your brother/sister
  12. You did a great job with your chores
  13. How was your day?

With Friends
  1. You are fun to be with
  2. You're being a wonderful friend
  3. That's excellent sharing!
  4. Being together is great
  5. Your friend is being very caring

Reading and Language
  1. What do you think about that?
  2. Brilliant idea!
  3. That was very polite
  4. Well spoken!
  5. Shall we read together?
  6. I would love to read you a story
  7. Let's sing a song
Well Done
  1. You're on the right track
  2. You can do it!
  3. Good thinking
  4. You did that well
  5. Way to go!
  6. You seemed to really enjoy doing that
  7. You must have been practicing
  8. Good Trying
  9. I reckon you could have a go at that
  10. That's the best you have ever done
  11. That's a real improvement
  12. You remembered everything!
  13. I'm proud of the way you worked!
  14. Fantastic!
  15. Good work!
  16. Amazing - How did you do that?
  17. That took effort
  18. Now that's what I call a fine job
  19. You planned that well
  20. Good on you mate
  21. You've tried hard
  22. You're a star!
  23. That's Wonderful!
  24. You're learning fast
  25. What a good idea!
  26. Well done - You should be proud of yourself!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Week 16

"Daddy, I am sleepy ! Please leave me alone! "

My first Double Chocolate Muffin

Finally, I made my first Chocolate Muffin. The original muffin mix comes in chocolate flavor. I added some milk chocolate chips so I call this my first Double Chocolate Muffin. Muffin is normally served in the round shaped muffin paper cup, however I have dumped all the mix into my "only one" square bake ware.

I baked this while my baby boy Yong Shuan is having his long afternoon nap. Luckily the process did not take long. I only needed to bake for 25 min in the oven. So the time is just right from the beginning of the flour mixing to the tasting of the Muffin at the end and yet Yong Shuan was still having his sweat nap.

Monday, November 05, 2007

More Prone Position Exercise

"Mummy, see.. I combined my prone position exercise with my left eyebrow trick."

My first radish cake

Last weekend, I made my first radish cake. When mum stayed with us last time, she taught me how to make the Yam Cake. This time I changed the main ingredient to radish and added some minced pork, dried prawns, mushrooms to make this "mild salty" radish cake.

The truth of the "mild salty" taste : Unfortunately, I did not put enough amount of salt to the flour mixture before I put them to steam.