Friday, July 25, 2008

Bare Feet ? or Shoes ?

We went to the Maternal Nurse for Yong Shuan's 12th month assessment on Wednesday. The nurse took all the measurement and test Yong Shuan on his gross motor, vision, fine motor, speech, hearing, social behaviour & play development, she confirmed most skills that should be there is present.

She passed to me the 12th month notes for parents, it was written in the note that recommended parents to let your baby bare feet as long as possible is for the best of your babies. Of course I have to protect him from injury, cold and heat. The nurse has asked me to let Yong Shuan walks, runs, jumping, climbing with bare feet. However Chinese do practice to wear shoes (normally is was a gift from grandma on his first birthday) after the baby turned one. Mmmm.. :)

As the first time mummy, I can't stop myself from staring at the babies shoes display when ever I go shopping. These days merchandisers are too clever to tackle the shopper with all the designs.

We will try to let Yong Shuan practice to push off his bare toes as often as we can especially when we are indoor or even on the grass (which we got to wait until SPring /Summer comes) .

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mini Train Ride

20th July, last Sunday was the public ride day for Box Hill Miniature Steam Train ride. We've been to this place sometimes ago, unfortunately it was booked for some private function during that time.

Finally, the day has come. We were so excited waiting for the ride to open. We were among the first group of the customers and they did not even have small change to our note. Luckily daddy found enough coins in the coin bag to pay $4.00 ($2.00/adult).

These are some of the photo. Yong Shuan was not in good mood that morning, we planned to come back again on the first Sunday of next month.

Thanks to one of station guard who snapped this family photo for us.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yong Shuan's 1st Birthday - Part 2

Following are some notes of what I have done starting Friday, the 11th July.

Early morning, I went to the cake shop to order for my son's 1st birthday cake, I had ordered Tiramisu as most of the guests are adults, and it turned out everyone loved the choice. I phoned to the Sushi Shop to order the Sushi Platter, shopped for the ingredient to make Chicken Sausage Roll and so on.

Then, during Yong Shuan's nap time, I quickly prepared some chicken sausage rolls for the next day. At night, after he went to bed, I cooked the Curry Chicken.

Saturday morning around 10 am, I fried the Mee Hoon and cooked the dessert "Black Glutinous Rice with Red Bean".

Meanwhile, daddy went to bring the cake, some KFC and he even went to the POST office to claim the parcel from Sis.

Yong Shuan enjoyed the day, after everyone sang him the birthday song, he enjoyed the feast. One of our friends brought his Nintendo Wii, we had spent a wonderful Saturday. Half way, Yong Shuan went for his afternoon nap then woke up and continued to play with all his new toys.

I did not cook dinner, we continued to have those food for dinner. Two couples joined us as they stayed back for the Wii, especially the Wii Fit.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


"Ok my dear, I know you got toothache. Be patient, your 5th and 6th tooth is coming."

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home Cooking 6

Finally, I cooked my favorite Chilies Seafood Dish in Melbourne, this time I have replaced the crab with prawn. It is hard for me to write the recipe here, as I am not a person that really follow instruction. I got this habit to add a bit of this and that. If there is anyone interested to know more, I can email you the KC's recipe and method to cook this. Next time, I will try to cook with scallops or cuttlefish.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Yong Shuan's 1st Birthday - Part 1

"Happy Birthday, Yong Shuan"

It seems most of the blogging Mum wrote their baby's first birthday post into part 1, 2 and so on. I am going to do the same as well, as we just celebrated Yong Shuan's 1st birthday in lunar calendar this morning. We have planned a simple party for him next weekend, so please be patient with the coming part 2 post.

This morning celebration was rather simple, I cooked some red eggs and "Mee Sua" soup for Yong Shuan's lunch. Daddy dressed up Yong Shuan with new clothes and shoes.

Here are some of the photos.