Friday, December 09, 2011


Family and friends reckon YS and BS looks more alike... What do you think?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Our Baby is here !

Joy Joy... finally my baby is here. To share the joy, here is the simple little story of how baby meet us.

I have scheduled with doctor on the 2nd of Dec 2011 afternoon 2pm to have c-sec and deliver my baby. I had early light breakfast of oat and chocolate drink, Shao Wen accompany me admitted to hospital and waited in the ward. To pass time, we just chit chat and Siew was there with us. It was around 1pm I started to feel the cramp (menstrual pain) on my tummy. We informed the nurse and she said since I am going to deliver the baby c-sec, it is alright.

I am not sure if I consider lucky or unfortunate, the OT was so busy that day. A few abnormal cases, and emergency has occupied the OT for longer hours. I waited until 4pm still my turn was not there. The cramp pain was getting stronger, Dr managed to borrow the cardiac OT for my surgery. So it was my first time to enter the cardiac OT. Newer than the usual OT from what I can remember during Cheng Shuan time. The clock is bigger this time, with out my spectacles I can still read the time. Baby was born an hour shortly after the c-sec start and after my recovery session only I was send to the maternity ward, by then it was already 7.20pm.

This is our youngest son. We still working on his name. More updates will come.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

JJ Cakes

Ever since Auntie Jennifer started her JJ Cakes years ago, we have been enjoying wonderful taste yet healthy and fresh bake cakes every now and then. We used to have the rolls from JJ, recently my family start to love their celebration cakes. They have a couple of famous flavor made on daily basis for customer convenient. We passed by today, dad stopped and bought me this BLACK FOREST, one of my favorite. This JJ has become the never missed Ipoh must buy for visitor to Ipoh. Buses and coaches stopped by, magazines, online media published about it. I am proud to be Ipoh-rian that my auntie has made this cakes a success ...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in Ipoh...

Finally, the long waited due date is just around the corner. Doctor told me my baby is going to due on the 9th December this year. Since this is third pregnancy and after 2 c-sec, I have no choice but to go for another c-sec. I will have it done 1-2 weeks earlier. So, I picked 24th November, Thursday. Wish me GOOD LUCK.

Recalled Yong Shuan's time, we packed everything ready and washed all the baby's clothing, get ready the nursery; I guess this happens to most first time parents. Cannot wait to see their first newborn. This time, I am so tiring taking care of 2 toddlers and left all the packing and "get-ready" to the last minutes. Only last week I brought the baby clothing out from the store and ask mum to help to do the laundry. Only this morning I went to buy the newborn nappy and some other baby stuff; in fact still a long list to fulfill but no energy to shop. Only few days back I phoned to the confinement food catering service to reconfirm my booking with them. My baby cot is ready, my room has not. It is still a part guest room, part store room, part nursery and part laundry room.

What happened to me? I am in my comfort zone, expecting the expected c-sec and care of baby? Or just because I am lazy and tired. Both.

I tried to go for natural birth when I was having Cheng Shuan - my 2nd boy. Totally new experience if it did happens but it didn't, c-sec at the end. This is 3rd c-sec so I know what is coming. Still I wish it to be as smooth and manageable as possible. Wish the pain to the least, wish baby is always contended as possible, easy to take care. Wish for the breastfeeding to be as successful as the previous two times. POSITIVE POSITIVE.

I will have Cheng Shuan accompany me along this confinement period, Yong Shuan will be following daddy at SP and visit once a week. I will be staying with parents, mum is going to care for Cheng Shuan and bath my "xiao mian tu" - 小綿兔 for me. We called him this name since some time ago. This was given by Yong Shuan KoKo, saying the 綿羊 sheep, which is me giving birth to the rabbit baby.

When 小綿兔 is here, more updates is coming to this blog.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

CS 's version of cartoon

Cheng Shuan pointed to his brother's mickey mouse and yelled, " Meemee Mouse"

So ,

Meemee Mouse = Mickey Mouse
Abee Bird = Angry Bird


Monday, June 06, 2011

Cheng Shuan Calling PaPa!

After months of dada, tata, and all others babble sound, he called "Papa" repeatly this morning when he wants Daddy to carry him from his car seat.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Singapore Trip 2011 Part 2

Day 2 - Marina Barrage, Kite Flying --Singapore Flyer

Eyes opener outing for us to this Marina Barrage, we've learnt a lot.

Roof floor is the man made grass field for kite flying, we all enjoyed it very much . Strong wind, just once we put the kite in place, it just flew up high.

We continue the day to Singapore Flyer.

Day 4 - Sentosa Island - Ocenarium -- Resort World
-- Vivo City Shopping -- Swimming at Sis Apartment

Singapore Trip 2011 Part 1

This trip to Singapore is another family vacation trip, since we last went to Siam Reap in 2009 February. Been talking alot of places to visit for quite sometimes, I guess the saying is right, when you try to plan, nothing works out; if you are not, it will surprise that it turned out to be an amazing experience. This applies perfectly to our Singapore Trip. It was kind of a last minutes thing, when dad mentioned he needs to turn up for a wedding banquet, he asked if I could book the transport for him, Eventually, I managed to book for the whole family instead of just the two of them.

Here are some of the pictures..

At the Subang's Terminal

This luggage mainly carries CS's nappy, YS enjoyed pulling it all around.

Day 01 - Singapore Zoo

more photos to continue...