Saturday, January 02, 2010

My 2009

I used to think, during job interview, why the interviewer like to ask questions that sound like this " What's your biggest achievement in life so far? " , " How you see yourself in 5 years time? " . Does any of you heard something like this before ? " Just imagine, what if you won a 10 millions jackpot after 2 weeks we hired you, what would you do with the money and your job? "

A few of my cousins are going through these this time of the year. I am feeling good because I will not need to have that any more, as long as I keep doing what I am working hard now, and keep improving it.

Yes, 2009 has been one of the good year in my life. Not forgot to mention I got married on 2005, give birth to YS on 2007. We started a "family business" this year - S Eleven Store. I called it "family" because almost everyone in the family contributes to the business in one way or another. Thank you.

2009, we went to Hard Rock Hotel for getaway with childhood friends during their opening promotion. It was our first Hard Rock stay.

2009, mum diagnosed with a weird blood disorder that even the doctor cannot explain the root cause of it, however we feel lucky we discovered it earlier and treating it now. Her condition is now stable and we feel thankful every morning when we wake up that mum is happy.

2009, start to hear from Audrey, she is planning her wedding. So we are looking forward for a simple yet grand and meaningful day to come somewhere end of the year.

2009, Audrey bought her own unit in KL. It is like another home for us whenever we wish to stop by KL for shopping of any other errands. We even left our personal belonging like toothbrush there for convenient sick.

2009, we went to Siam Reap and visited one of the world greatest heritage - Angkor Wat. We brought YS and my parents along. Everyone enjoyed the get together, especially Audrey & parents with YS.

My 2010, I am looking forward my second baby, expanding business solution for S Eleven Store and another family vacation.