Friday, March 25, 2011

Singapore Trip 2011 Part 2

Day 2 - Marina Barrage, Kite Flying --Singapore Flyer

Eyes opener outing for us to this Marina Barrage, we've learnt a lot.

Roof floor is the man made grass field for kite flying, we all enjoyed it very much . Strong wind, just once we put the kite in place, it just flew up high.

We continue the day to Singapore Flyer.

Day 4 - Sentosa Island - Ocenarium -- Resort World
-- Vivo City Shopping -- Swimming at Sis Apartment

Singapore Trip 2011 Part 1

This trip to Singapore is another family vacation trip, since we last went to Siam Reap in 2009 February. Been talking alot of places to visit for quite sometimes, I guess the saying is right, when you try to plan, nothing works out; if you are not, it will surprise that it turned out to be an amazing experience. This applies perfectly to our Singapore Trip. It was kind of a last minutes thing, when dad mentioned he needs to turn up for a wedding banquet, he asked if I could book the transport for him, Eventually, I managed to book for the whole family instead of just the two of them.

Here are some of the pictures..

At the Subang's Terminal

This luggage mainly carries CS's nappy, YS enjoyed pulling it all around.

Day 01 - Singapore Zoo

more photos to continue...