Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Parents' House

All photos were taken by Audrey's Wedding Photographer, Chan.

This is my parents' house in Ipoh.

Color Scheme designed by Kuan Siew.
Landscape designed by The Green Pine.

It used to be a single storey linked house, the renovation guru - my father, has
extended it to a 1.5 storey (with a hidden attic) and side extension linked house.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Raya Cuti !

The last Hari Raya holiday, we've spent wonderful family bonding time in Kl at sis Audrey house.
It was a fruitful trip, we replenished S 11's stock, got for my dress to attend Audrey wedding dinner, and we brought CS to swin for the first time.

We forgot about photo snapping when we were in the swimming pool. Both of them enjoyed the swimming part a lot.

The Brothers

The Brothers with Grandma Tan

These are the photos taken before the hair cut.

~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~

Busy September 2010 for our family, Audrey married on the 25th September.

One week before the actual day, we went for rehearsal at St Andrew church. Everything is very new to us, it is our first time in the Tan family to held a church wedding. Yong Shuan is honored to be the Ring Boy for Audrey. As a mother, I guess I am more nervous than my son. We have been practicing this "psycho" method, we keep telling him on how he is supposed to walk down the aisle and to hand the ring to the Pastor and so.

He did well on the rehearsal, as well as on the actual day . Phewit ! {breathout}

When everyone was clapping, YS was like paused a few seconds deny to start his first step.
With a soft push, I started him to walk down the aisle.

I was a panic at that time, worry what if he just quit. Luckily he carried out the task wonderfully.

Muah ! Muah ! for YS. {Kiss}

More pictures on the actual day is on the way.