Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy

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Last Tuesday, we went with friends to TOMODACHI Japanese Restaurant to celebrate SW's birthday. Mummy had Unagi Set Dinner while daddy had his favorite soft shell crab Bento Box; Yong Shuan enjoyed some sushi platter and Tofu.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spring is here.

Lake Mountain Trip

We went to the Lake Mountain last year with Yong Shuan still 38th week inside me. This year we went there again on Saturday which was around the end of the Winter. Out of our expectation, the snow is still thick which is around 75cm. And this time we rent the toboggan and we had alot of fun with it. We sloped down a few toboggan runs.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YS's afternoon tea

While waiting for our turn to have the hair cut at one of the shopping town, we spent some wonderful afternoon tea time with Yong Shuan. We enjoyed staring at him flipping the papers, video is available at my YouTube.

Waiting at the Salon's bench.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yong Shuan's Speech Development

I am forgetful, I am not good at date. I cannot remember when was the first time Yong Shuan started babbling. All I knows is he knows how to call "Mummy" now. All the while he has been calling "Ma-Ma" and I told SW that I wish my son calls me "Mummy" instead of "Ma-Ma"

It was the day I went for my wisdom tooth extraction, SW brought YS to the PetWorld and shown him "Puppies". After a few rounds of repeating "Puppy" to him, YS picked up "Pu-Poo". In the afternoon, he managed to say "Puppy", SW quickly teach him "Mummy" and YS called out loud "M~u~M~m~Y". I dont know how to describe the feeling through words. I believe all mummies out there will know how it feel. * SYOK*

These are the words Yong Shuan know at this point of time.
- Pa Pa (He calls to his daddy everytime daddy walks into the house after work)
- Bear
- NaNa (Banana)
- Dog
- Puppy
- Mummy
- More (This is when we feed him, I guess he knew about this from the child care)
-"Chee Ceh" (Car in mandarin)
- Ball
- Oh-Oh (when anything falls on the floor)
- Dao (when we calls his name in full, he will raises his hand and answers this mandarin word meaning "Yes"
- Bye-Bye

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Face Painting

Pumpkin Patch has opened another outlet at the Westfield Shopping Town close to our house.

This time they have make-up artist giving face painting to all the kids. Seeing the artist patiently draws "kitten" "leopard" on those Caucasian girls, I have asked for a simple one on YS.



the artist has drawn something rather simple :

a "STAR"




"Daddy said I can pick anything I like. :) "

Sunday, August 03, 2008

YS attended Damien's birthday party

We went to a birthday celebration last Friday at Sofia, Hawthorn. This place served big portion and since it was our first time there, we were not aware of this, we ended up packing some left over food for next lunch next day. We enjoyed the ambiance and food. Following are the photos ..

Beside the Carbonara Spaghetti, we have ordered personal size gourmet pizza and a seafood salad.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Happy 6th Birthday to Damien Ko-Ko

Skin Prick Test

I brought Yong Shuan to see Allergist last Wednesday to have his skin prick test on some of the common allergies. Good news is, Yong Shuan didnot react to Wheat, Cow Milk, Soy, Egg White, Dust Mite and Mix Grass. This means he can have most of my home cooking. Doctor said we should reserve the peanut and shell fish when he turns 2 or even bigger.

The photo showed the nurse has marked Yong Shuan's back with numbers and the control test '+' and '-'.