Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ways to enjoy my new toy

Ah Ma gave me this rabbit yesterday. According to mummy, this used to be one of her favorite toys. The body of the rabbit was made of wire and you can bend it any direction you want.

"Yeah, My new toy - Rabbit the Yoga Master"

"You can bite the ears, hands and legs"

"You can bang the rabbit hard hard onto the tray to make sound to attract mummy"



after 2 minutes



"You can throw to the floor and kiss good bye to Rabbit the Yoga Master"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yong Shuan Babble Show 3

以前, 永轩有一段时间呀呀说话只有一个声调.

最近, 永轩很爱自己发出不同的声调, 我们有尚试在教他叫爸爸妈妈.
Mmm, 我很期待不久后永轩会叫爸爸妈妈.

Yong Shuan's Babble Series
YS first Babble show
YS Babble Show 2

p/s: Have a look at Yong Shuan's hand. He was wearing booties on his hand. Sorry YS, mummy will try to dry the mittens for you next time. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yong Shuan's Gu-Zhang

Luckily Gu-ZHang helped to carry Yong Shuan when he is bored with his stroller, otherwise mummy will just have to stay at home for most of her meal.

Yong Shuan is 6 months old


Fun Watching Ah Ma Watering Plants

In the morning, it was fun watching Ah Ma do her gardening .

Meanwhile, I can have my morning sun bath.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I believe most of todays web portal comes with Live help such like online banking, online shopping and most of the tel co site. It was my first time using the Live Help found in EBAY. I must say that it was a very HELPFUL TOOL.

I was not allowed to proceed my listing due to some shipping setting that I was not familiar. The LIVE HELP representative assisted me and I learned a lot from yesterday experience.

LIVE HELP is really good for me who is lazy to search from help index. It is a 24/7 service - Accessible at anytime, and interactive - the representative was looking at the same screen as mine and helped to go through every setting I made.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Yesterday I posted my dad's handmade Chinese Paper Cutting Craft on
EBAY. He is very good in this type of handcraft and other Chinese Calligraphy Art. This piece of Chinese Paper Cutting is unique and exquisite, ideal gift for newly married couple, new business opening, housewarming etc. These are some of the latest photos.

Anyone who interested to have these for their friends, do contact me.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My Secondary School

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this link from FACEBOOK. I have been searching around for my school website or portal. Even heard from ex-schoolmates that one has created a portal for my school, however not found in the global search engine that I used to search for everything.

Finally I found you :
SMJK Ave Maria Convent. A lot have changed since 10 years I left my secondary school. Just imagine what technology can do, today we are linking with each others via school portal, Friendster, FACEBOOK etc.

I am like Ah Gong - I like Chinese Tea

It is really a baby instinct that they like to experience everything through their mouth. We found these pictures with his "tu tu" shaped mouth very cute when Ah Ma tried to give him some Chinese Tea.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Fun Sunday Morning

Read from somewhere years ago, the morning sun is the most healthy source of Vitamin D for my baby. So, I decided to bring him for a walk this morning. Yong Shuan finished his morning feed around 7am, we then quickly got ready the nappy bag and drove to PoloGround for his first morning walk with grandparents.

Yong Shuan did not seem to enjoy the newly renovated garden. He fall asleep on the way there and continued his LALA land episode along the morning walk.

Ah Gong enjoyed his morning walk with Yong Shuan and ignored me and mum.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ginger & Jerry a.k.a the mouse

一天早上, Ginger 在厨房发现了一只米老鼠, 它不停地向着桌上吠. 当我们走靠近时老鼠就从缝里钻出来逃走了. 我们和 Ginger 说米老鼠逃走了, 可是 Ginger 一整个早上都不离开厨房守在那里. 直到它累了, 在厨房睡着了. 看见它就好气又好笑, 妈妈最后要把门关上不让它再呆在厨房免得弄到整身肮脏.

Tropical Fruits

I told dad I missed all the tropical fruits, such like this SWEETSOP (PURPLE SUGAR APPLE), - Annona squamosa that is not available in Melbourne. Dad came back from KL, and bought me this sweetsop at the Tapah highway rest stop. This fruit is not like papaya, apple or melon, the seeds are more than the white color fruit flesh.

"Thanks, Dad."

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yong Shuan's First Piano Lesson

Last weekend, Aunt Shin Ling gave Yong Shuan his first piano lesson.