Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Our Baby is here !

Joy Joy... finally my baby is here. To share the joy, here is the simple little story of how baby meet us.

I have scheduled with doctor on the 2nd of Dec 2011 afternoon 2pm to have c-sec and deliver my baby. I had early light breakfast of oat and chocolate drink, Shao Wen accompany me admitted to hospital and waited in the ward. To pass time, we just chit chat and Siew was there with us. It was around 1pm I started to feel the cramp (menstrual pain) on my tummy. We informed the nurse and she said since I am going to deliver the baby c-sec, it is alright.

I am not sure if I consider lucky or unfortunate, the OT was so busy that day. A few abnormal cases, and emergency has occupied the OT for longer hours. I waited until 4pm still my turn was not there. The cramp pain was getting stronger, Dr managed to borrow the cardiac OT for my surgery. So it was my first time to enter the cardiac OT. Newer than the usual OT from what I can remember during Cheng Shuan time. The clock is bigger this time, with out my spectacles I can still read the time. Baby was born an hour shortly after the c-sec start and after my recovery session only I was send to the maternity ward, by then it was already 7.20pm.

This is our youngest son. We still working on his name. More updates will come.

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